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On this site you will find exhibition ready work by Thomas J Ridley and introduces the T.J.R. Presents  collection.


Artists Statement


The themes and conceptual tributaries of Thomas J Ridley's work are driven by his fascination with the psyche and a belief that artistic expression can act as subtle catalyst in a process of personal growth and understanding. His work is affected by a Jungian understanding of the unconscious; it being capable of offering information and guidance.

 Strongly influenced by mythology, religious symbolism, history, alchemy and shamanism, he explores how the hidden workings of the psyche are manifested and acted out in the visible world.

Encompassing sculpture, painting, drawing, assemblage, collage and photography, the work is mostly expressed in a life-size scale. This creates a very direct and personal experience. Each figure in his latest triptych is the product of a process that enmeshes archetypal and symbolic figures with personal friends, acquaintances and historical characters from conscious experience. Just as a character in a dream may appear in a familiar and recognizable guise and yet symbolize a primordial archetype, so do the hairless meticulously finished sculptures have a subtle otherworldly feel. And like a chracter in a dream they possess a potent symbolic resonance and a sense of something not being fully formed or remembered. 

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